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Are you plagued with crumbling exterior walls? Do you have walls that are exposed to a great deal of wind? If so, Rendering Cookstown could be an ideal solution. Rendering involves the addition of porous material to the exterior of a structure in order to stabilize it and help keep moisture from penetrating the interior. Your building will look like new again, resist mould and moisture, and be easier to care for than ever before.

What is Render?

Render is a type of external plastering Cookstown residents have come to rely on for hundreds of years. It involves a material made of concrete, lime, acrylic, polymer or a number of other materials. It may be tinted various colours or have insulation added to it, as well. It is applied much like plaster is on an inside wall and allowed to harden as it dries. Some types of render require a base or scratch coat be applied to the surface first.

What are the Benefits of Render?

Cookstown rendering can provide a new look to nearly any structure. It is available in a variety of colours, and in some cases can be custom-tinted to match existing render. It can also be painted as necessary to change the look or maintain its appearance. There are different types of render available, making it easy to find one that will adhere to nearly any surface. Render can provide insulation against wind, water, and insect damage. Once it has been put into place, it lasts for years without needing to be replaced or refinished. It can be an excellent alternative to siding for those who want to maintain a certain aesthetic look to their property.

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Who should Consider Cookstown Rendering?

Anyone who wants to improve the exterior of his or her home or business should consider having render applied. It is especially beneficial for stone, concrete, or brick buildings because this material adheres easily. People who want to give their home a facelift yet do not want to add siding may benefit from adding render instead. Those who are concerned about moisture damage can also reap a number of benefits from having render applied.

What are the Dangers of DIY?

A great deal of preparation is required before rendering can be applied. If the surface is not properly prepared, the results will be very short-lived. Homeowners are likely to experience cracking and peeling of their exterior walls, which could result in the need to have the render patched. Peeling render can also allow moisture to penetrate exterior walls, thereby causing damage. The right type of render needs to be applied to each surface, and a professional contractor can make sure the right Cookstown external spackling is applied based upon the material a structure is made of.

Applying render to the top of exterior walls could require workers to climb on ladders. Carrying buckets of material up and down a ladder poses a safety hazard, since people could fall and injure themselves. Some types of render may need to be mixed with an electric mixer, and doing so could cause injuries to people who are unfamiliar with how this equipment operates. Lugging heavy bags of material around a jobsite could result in back, neck, or shoulder pain as well.

Finding a Contractor

You probably think that finding a contractor to add rendering to your structure will be difficult. This is not the case, as we are here to help you find the right rendering Cookstown contractor to do the job. Just take a few minutes to provide us with some basic information and we'll do the rest of the work for you. Get a free no-obligation quote today and be on your way to having the home of your dreams.

Your Cookstown rendering questions answered

What is rendering and how is it performed?

Rendering is the act of applying plaster to an external wall's surface. It is performed by carefully mixing the plaster, and then applying it with the use of special tools.

Why should I hire a professional?

Rendering is actually more difficult than you might imagine, and if not performed correctly, can leave an uneven surface that would require extensive repairs.

How much does professional rendering cost?

On average, a basic professional rendering treatment for a single story home will cost approximately £1,600. Larger homes and more complex jobs can cost up to £4,000 or more, including VAT and labour.

Are there any advantages to having professional rendering done?

The primary use for rendering is aesthetic. Additionally, it offers added year-round protection for mortar and any gaps in brickwork that can be damaged by quickly changing temperatures. It also allows homeowners to add their own personal touch to their home.

What types of surfaces can be rendered over?

Rendering can generally be applied to brick, stone, mason, or stucco homes. Results may be less than desirable if placed over top of other surfaces such as wood or metal.

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