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air conditioning service Cookstown

Air Conditioning Service Cookstown

Keep your Cookstown aircon unit serviced for less

The best way to ensure a long life for your air conditioning system is by having regular maintenance performed. Air conditioning service Cookstown professionals come to your home or office to inspect, clean, and lubricate your system in order to minimize the number of breakdowns. The cost of this service can easily pay for itself, since clean and well maintained units are likely to be more energy efficient as well.

What Is An Air Conditioning Service?

Air conditioning servicing involves having a technician perform basic maintenance on your system at regularly scheduled intervals. This is typically done in Autumn and Spring in order to prepare you for switching from heat to air and back again. During an inspection, a technician will thoroughly clean your equipment, lubricate the working parts and test the electrical components. This not only ensures that your air conditioner is properly cared for, but also allows you to identify small repairs before they turn into major ones. You’ll pay an annual fee for having this service performed.

Why You Need Cookstown Air Conditioning Servicing?

Proper maintenance is important with any piece of equipment that has moving parts. Just as you perform regular maintenance on your car in order to prevent breakdowns, you also need to do this with your air conditioning unit. There are a number of benefits that can be obtained by doing so including:

  • Keeping the system clean helps prevent corrosion, which could cause major components of your system to wear. Dirt inside an air conditioning unit is one of the primary causes of system failure
  • Cleaning your system on a regular basis could result in better indoor air quality
  • Failure to perform routine maintenance could void the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Small problems can be identified early on, thereby making them cheaper to fix
  • Some companies offer a discount on parts and labour if any aircon unit repairs are ever needed
  • Customers who purchase service agreements can get preferential treatment during emergencies
  • Technicians will be more familiar with your equipment and this can be beneficial to them when making or suggesting repairs
  • Freon leaks can be identified early before too much coolant is lost. This is important, as this gas is rather costly to add to your system
  • Safety checks are also performed during this time and this can help ensure the system will not catch fire due to a mechanical deficiency
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Can I Perform Cookstown Air Conditioning Servicing Myself?

Cleaning and lubricating your air conditioning unit may sound like a simple task, but it is actually quite complex. In order to access some of your system’s major components, electrical wiring and circuits may need to be bypassed. Opening up your equipment can be dangerous for anyone who is not familiar with the interior parts of an air conditioner. It can be possible to miss some key parts whenever you are lubricating your system. You may have difficulty reassembling your unit, and this could result in deficiencies in the way this equipment operates. For these reasons, performing air conditioning service Cookstown on your own is not recommended.

Cookstown aircon service companies

How to Choose an Air Conditioning Service Company

Although most companies perform at least the basics when it comes to servicing your air conditioner, there are some who go above and beyond to perform a full inspection. You should look for these companies and hire them whenever possible. The best way to do this is to fill out the short form here to get quotes and information from up to four different service companies in your local area. All the technicians in the network provide thorough, quality service at affordable prices.

How much will this Cost Me?

Average Cookstown air conditioning servicing costs are normally very affordable. They are usually based on the type of unit you have and the frequency of visits. Having service performed twice a year is more expensive, but is typically less than double the cost of a single annual visit. Some companies may charge less but provide a less thorough inspection, so you should always ask what a service call includes before you sign a contract. The cost of Cookstown air conditioning servicing can sometimes be broken down into monthly or even quarterly payments to make it more affordable for those who are on a budget.

Your Cookstown air conditioning servicing questions answered

How often should I get an ac service?

For optimum efficiency and reliability, you should have your air conditioning unit serviced at least twice a year, up to 4 times depending on usage.

Do I need a service?

You may need to get your equipment serviced in order to comply with legislations set down by the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Can regular service increase my unit's efficiency?

Of course! Having your unit regularly maintained can help to ensure that the refrigerant is kept at the optimum level for cooling, and can often catch many potential problems before they leave you without air conditioning. Many companies offer an annual service package as part of a purchasable warranty programme.

Can I install an A/C unit if I have a boiler and/or no ductwork?

Absolutely! You can get a new ac unit installed, and there are a number of options available for older homes that use boilers/radiators for heat and thus have no duct work. Ductless systems are in many cases more efficient than those that are installed using existing ductwork and usually take less than a day to install.

Are technicians able to identify operating malfunctions during routine service?

Many times, yes. Technicians will perform a thorough check of your electrical components and major parts such as your compressor. While checking these items, it is entirely possible that they will also repair issues.

Is servicing covered under my warranty?

This will depend on the manufacturer of your HVAC system. Some manufacturers will include basic servicing – either once or twice annually – in their warranties, but this must be performed by companies the manufacturer selects. In most cases, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of servicing, even while the unit is still under warranty.

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